Contextual Practice

Contextual Review

 In Part 1, I learned many fields of design and art. Above all, I wanted to compare "Explore It" and "Your Surroundings" because I felt the difference in the way of thinking and what my interests are suitable for after the work shock of fashion and products.

 I compared "Explore It" with "Your Surroundings" and felt the difference in design thinking. At "Explore It", ideas were made in a short time from the viewpoint of product design. I thought about ideas while touching the fruits that were actually designed, and focused on practicality, such as whether they were actually supported rather than conceptual. On the other hand, “Your Surroundings” started research from the weekend before class, so I was able to think carefully about the time. Because it was the theme of Fashion, I emphasized whether it was interesting as a clothing worn rather than everyday practicality. I have a strong interest in design improvisation. The feeling of loving the accidents I experienced at “Your Surroundings” made me very excited.

 In order to deepen this learning, we also worked on “Your Surroundings” at the Extension Week. Since I came to London, I became more interested in Japanese culture. This is because my first life in a foreign country intrigued me. So I started researching about Japan as seen from the UK using books about Japan in the library. I became interested in Japanese festival costumes. “Festival” is included in the elements of this project. The research on the shape used the same sketch as before and Google map. It was due to a lot of rain, but in the process I had an interesting discovery. Google Maps also supported space stars. I was impressed with the image of the moon I saw at that time. Therefore, the shape of the moon and the texture of the surface were reflected in my work. I felt that it wasn't interesting if it was exactly the same as the previous workshop. So I tried to devise a way to wear it by narrowing the shape to a circle. In the production process, I was concerned about making surface textures. In particular, I tried the parts made by melting the magazine paper with water without knowing whether or not I succeeded. The final outcome was very conceptual due to the influence of research. This is also a reflection point. I felt that my work wasn't strong enough to just wear it or look at it to feel the concept. I feel very frustrated at this point and think it should be learned in the future. When I exhibited my work, I wrote a short novel to share the concept. I have been familiar with Japanese literature since I was an elementary school student, so adding a sentence is a natural way to convey my thoughts.

 The designers I've been influenced by are deeply involved in the reasons I'm interested in design improvisation and conceptual fashion. Yoshikazu Yamagata is one of them. His collection was completely different from the fashion I had seen. It was the first time I felt a very poetic message from clothes. Then I went to the school he founded. I am deeply influenced by his experience of being moved by his design. There are many other influences from areas other than fashion, such as Yoshioka Tokujin and Miyazaki Hayao. One of the things I value is to make sure that research is not biased towards fashion. I think the common point is that the design is narrative. I like the design that creates empathy and excitement, not just beautiful, just convenient.

I want to have my brand as a fashion designer in the future. Mass production is the mainstream of current fashion, but I'm aiming to make more personal clothes and something like Haute Couture for the general public. I want to make clothes by imagining a more realistic human figure, not someone who is vague.

In Part 1, I experienced design in a field I had never experienced before. I worked actively in every field, but in one corner of my head, I thought I could use what I learned in the fashion field, such as "Can I use this graphic technology in fashion?" . In the future, I will continue to develop what I learned in Part 1 in fashion and face my design more deeply.

I want to spend more time studying fashion in the foundation.


Week 7

Extension Week [Your Surrounding]

14/10/2019 your surrounding

I selected Your Surrounding project for Extension Week. When I worked on this project last time, I extracted shapes from the streets of London and created three-dimensional works that lead to fashion.
This time, I started with research on the shape as before. Last time, I walked myself to find the shape, but this time I changed the method and challenged to find the shape from a bird's-eye view such as a map. I observed satellite photos around the campus from Google Maps. During that research, I found out that Google Maps also covers the universe. The moon photo I saw at that time was so impressive that I decided to use not only the shape of the moon but also the texture of the surface like a textile. One of the shapes was the moon, so the motif was too far away, so the other adopted a familiar structure called the “stairs”.
I used three shapes last time, but this time I will focus on only two structures and explore more deeply about those shapes. Also, for materials, we use paper as the base, but we want to use other materials such as cloth and metal.


[Research pf some shapes]



15/10/2019 your surrounding

・Consider your use of material how has this affected the development of your outcomes both positive and negative?

The material currently uses paper and craftboards, and uses acrylic paint, oil creepers, and Posca to paint the surface. In order to express the texture of the surface, we put water on toilet paper and applied it, or used masking tape to challenge the expression of unevenness.


・how has scale influenced your decision making?

Since the scale is based on the shape of a person, it is about the same as clothing. In some cases, there is a possibility of challenging the production of accessories such as headpieces.


・Describe the ways that your use of particular techniques has aided or unaided the development/construction of your outcomes.

As I mentioned above, I think the toilet paper used as a paint material was a success. Toilet paper with randomly attached irregularities on the surface of the moon gives a good texture. However, now I am worried about how to make clothes.


・What are you wishing to reveal and what are you wishing to conceal regarding your ideas and concepts or your final outcomes.

This time I want to incorporate the Japanese style that I have been researching before into my design. I intend to incorporate Japanese folk costumes and culture from the research page when designing the shape of the clothes. This is not overtly considered, the surface is thinking about the moon and the bird's-eye view.


・Describe your thought processes and decision making regarding has color, texture and form.

The color is blue based on black and deep green. This is inspired by the month of research. I would like to create an unknown and strange atmosphere of the universe by using blue and green at points as well as black.


・How has your research effected your decision making was it successful?

All my actions are based on my experience, ie research. So success and failure are based on research. The question is how to use that research. I think that it is necessary to keep trying while always aiming at the concept with the idea of ​​how beautiful it is and how to convey the concept.


I write a short story as the concept.

The human race has implemented a plan to move the overpopulated population to the moon. The target was Japanese. Many of the land was destroyed by natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes, and it was no longer possible to live. It is also said that countries around the world have judged that races that are declining due to the declining birthrate and aging population are just right to try migration.
The days when Japan was a developed country were long ago. 47 prefectures have been reduced to Tokyo and Osaka. The relocation to the moon was their only hope, as the repeated disasters were frustrating.
Dreaming of life on the moon, they organize a festival celebrating the decision to move.
People from all over Japan gather in Osaka and participate in the festival wearing clothes that reflect their home culture.
They dance with the thoughts they are looking forward to moving to the moon and the desire not to forget their home culture.
”I want to disappear and I don't want to disappear.”


[Making surface]



16/10/2019 Contextual Practice



(notes about beige)

When I talked about skin-colored things with my partner, I talked about bread and my partner about leather shoes. It was the first experience to share the textures and sensations of what I imagined from colors.

17/10/2019 Your Surroundings

・How successful where you in translating your objectives and concepts through your final outcome?

I decided on a specific concept and thought about design based on research. So I was able to produce without losing sight of the goal.


・What would you have done differently? Consider the project, scale, material, presentation.

The material was mainly paper. This is because paper was used in the previous project. This time we used acrylic paint and modeling paste to create the texture of the surface. Since it is a necklace-like piece, the neck is made of fabric and embroidered for reinforcement and decoration.


・How has the peer to peer criticism challenged how you view your finished outcome? Has it made you consider differently your choices made or reaffirmed them?

The feedback to me raised concerns that the work was too conceptual. That was something I felt, so I wrote a short novel to share the concept with the audience.


・If you where to do this project again what would you do differently?

I want to use the whole body material. One of the factors behind this concept is that the paper was too strong and didn't fit the body.


・Describe how effective your processes for decision making regarding color, texture and form where? Positive or negative.


I spent the most time on textures. Using magazines as the material, they were melted with water and bonded to the mount. The texture became interesting.

・How successful was your research?

The concept and design are determined based on research. These include Japanese festival costumes and social news. Thanks to the established research and concept, you can proceed without hesitation while working.


・Does your final outcome reflect a skillset or a set of particular concerns particular to the creator?



[Final Outcome]


Week 5

Body and Function

30/09/2019 JFFA Workshop

[Body and Function] "Wear it"


・How did you handle the one-minute drawing?
I just continued to draw the ideas that came to my mind. I did not care about feasibility or materials, and I designed it while imagining modeling, concepts, and things I like.

・Did you think it was easy to get the design right away?
 Did you find it difficult / impossible to catch up?
 How can I improve it?
It's not difficult to come up with a design. However, I felt a challenge to improve each quality in one minute. Usually, I focused on a single idea rather than brainstorming, so I felt that it was necessary to continue to train ideas on a timely basis.

・What was the peer feedback? Was it useful?
My partner advised me on the feasibility of the idea. The more interesting ideas took time to realize, it was helpful in thinking about which ideas will be prototyped.

・Do you think it can be answered easily? If not, why?
I felt the importance of using colors at the idea sketching stage. I used only a black pen, but my partner was using a colored pen everywhere, it was easy to imagine and easy to give advice.

・Did you enjoy working with your body?
of course. I want to learn fashion, so I am more interested in the body.

・If you develop search pieces ... how do you do?
I would like to make a prototype with a stronger and thicker metal. I imagined a more rugged impression at the design stage, but it was weaker than I expected because of material and time issues.

・What materials / technology are you using?
I used a wire. The wire is easy to make, but the strength is weak, so after making the shape, several wires are wound around for reinforcement.


[Works and Process]




01/10/2019 Fashion Communication Workshop

[Body and Function] "Do Undo Redo"


・How do you handle working as a team? Have you found a way to combine ideas to create an experimental look?
All the people who formed the team this time were the first meeting. Therefore, I made a work while talking about simple self-introduction and what fields I am interested in. For this reason, I was successful as a group work when I knew each field of expertise, such as I was interested in fashion and other members had knowledge of architecture. I decided the division of roles for each ward, but I didn't care too much.

・How has your idea of ​​fashion communication developed or challenged by the activities you are seeing?
I'm from Japan. As for Japanese fashion communication, commercial advertising has a higher level than magazines. This is because the magazine is like a textbook with the remnants of the country where clothes were developed. I use a back number such as purple as my usual research subject, so I think that it is influenced by the images and photographs. Also on the research page, it is inspired by non-visual things such as music and novels. I am influenced when I imagine a person such as a character in a novel or a scene from a poem.

・How did photography help you turn your image into a potential story?

There were a lot of things to reflect on, such as light intensity and background color. I couldn't spend my time focusing on fashion because I concentrated on clothes. However, I think that each work was made interesting as an independent story. We examined the shooting locations based on the characteristics of each of them, such as those that were devised in terms of shape and those that were challenged with color.

・What are the success strategies used by others and why did they succeed?
When I modeled, a long iron bar was put on the sleeve, and a silhouette was proposed so that the arms could not be bent like Scarecrow. I think that the fun and sense of incongruity are conveyed from the photos. Scarecrow is one of the Japanese dolls. A doll shaped like a person is set up to keep the birds away from the field.









"Color Blocking"


"Color Pattern"


"Color Blocking+Pattern"










02/10/2019 Contextual Practice

[Body and Function]





"the more aspects of human endeavor and habit are subjected to the logic of fashion, the more unattainable the regulation and stability of either"

To be honest, it was difficult for me to fully understand the meaning of this word. However, the discussion was about the fashion cycle. A lot of new works are announced in the fashion world once every six months. We discussed that this was too early.


[Research Task]

Bart Hess


(Bart Hess Hunt for High-Tech, 2007)


(Bart Hess Lady Gaga's Born This Way)

When I researched his work, I felt a high level of research ability on materials and shapes. You can feel the vividness of creatures from the photos.It feels like a “alien vs predator” and feels a little creepy. I think the material is probably rubber or plastic. It completely envelops the human body, hiding the original human body line and creating a new line. I thought that one of the purposes of fashion was to make people look beautiful, but from this work I got the idea of changing everybody's body. I think that it may be effective to use parts such as limbs and heads instead of the whole as in the photo.

03/10/2019 Fashion Workshop

[Body and Function] “your surroundings “


Firstly, I researched my surroundings with drawing. I observed the surroundings more carefully than usual. In the process, I was able to draw design tips that I had never been aware of.The research page shows the research of the city of London that I took. Of particular interest was the door. London doors are the same flat, but the door design varies from room to room. Perhaps the owner has changed it. This is a sight that you hardly see in Japan. Inspired by the glimpse of the resident's personality from the door.

When changing from 2D to 3D, I was able to find a shape beyond my imagination. I learned that I was able to create something I couldn't imagine by being bound by the rule of keeping corners and corners.Even in drawing, by setting rules such as keeping the pen away from the paper and drawing with the hand opposite to the dominant hand, it was possible to draw a picture with an unusual atmosphere. By establishing rules and binding yourself, you can meet your personality that you had never noticed before. This was a good learning for future projects.

When the size of the work was increased, it was difficult to make it the same shape as the smaller model due to differences in paper quality and scale issues. However, by making it bigger, I was able to make a work that my partner can actually wear. I want to learn fashion, but I have little knowledge of patterns. I still knew I could make clothes.


[Works and process]

Surrounding Research Drawing




2D&3D structure(A3)




3D structure(A1) & drawing





Week 4

Language and Interaction

23/09/2019 Architecture Workshop

[Language and Interaction] "Build it"


・What was your response to the brief?

It was a very interesting and interesting task.I was not good at making works that were larger than my body, but I was able to challenge as a group work. Rather than imagining the final form, I moved my hand while thinking about how it would become an interesting form, and created it by combining the forms that were created by chance.


・What is your understanding of the relationship between structure + space?

Since people are always involved in space, I emphasize that relationship. I have studied spatial design at a university in Japan, and I learned about the relationship between human behavior and design. Since space affects human behavior, I think that a structure that can withstand that behavior is necessary.


・Which shape is the strongest?

The first model I made was stable. A combination of rectangular parallelepipeds.Reinforced with a framework and tape while considering the position of the center of gravity. As a result, we have created a form that is independent without human support.


・Which shape is the most visually interesting?

The shape with a continuous combination of figures is interesting.The next group made a piece of work on the floor, so I felt that the instability would be interesting when combined with a form that puts the work of our group on top of it.


・You were asked to work in a team - How did you find that?

I sometimes have trouble communicating because of language issues, but I found a job in photography and assembly and I impressed as a team.


・How did the decision making process evolve in your team?

It was a process of experimenting what each person came up with, sharing something interesting, and executing it.


・What was successful about your structure?

It was a success to add structure so that when it was combined with the model of the next group, it was able to be stable and independent.


・Was it stable? How did it respond to ideas discussed in your group?

Stable. As mentioned above, the structure was added when combining. I tried to put the model of the next group on top of the model of my group, but for the sake of stability, the structure below was made stronger.


・What would you change about it? Add or Remove?

I think that the last thin paper decoration was excessive. If there is the next opportunity, I would like to work with a little more emphasis on the overall balance.


・If this model was realized as a building/structure - what would be its use, site, scale, materials?

I imagined a public facility like a library. There are many large libraries in rural areas of Japan. I think it has an interesting shape as such a big building.


・Did you enjoy ①working as a group? ②making the structures?








24/09/2019 Fine Art 4D Workshop

[Language and Interaction] "Message Vacuum"


・Is there a specific point at which action becomes art?

Things I have never seen before. There is a discovery. Something interesting for no reason.


・How can we move freely in our bodies and across borders, in art college and across the cosmos?

I don't think it's so difficult today. You can connect to the back of the earth and the universe in real time via SNS and the Internet. Advances in technology also eliminate borders in art.


・How and/or when does photography become a performance?

It can be art and performance anytime. It's a kind of work when you share the photo in any medium and see it by a third party.


・How did you find the use of your smartphone as a medium? Consider the local and wider implications of the use of such a mediated device.

In class, I used the photo / video / recording functions. It was also used as a display when sharing with other students.


・In what ways has this advanced your understanding of how a camera lens observes the world around you?

I usually use a film camera to shoot the moment. However, using a smartphone this time, the real-time characteristics and processing functions were reflected in the work. I want to try sharing with film.



"The Starry Night"




"The little man climbs up the wrinkles in hand"


25/09/2019 Contextual Practice

[Language and Interaction]



Our groups Quotes was

“You could say that bad typography brought us the Afghanistan War, the Iraq War, the housing crisis’’

 Sagmeister, Stefan, 2018.

Firstly, we talked about newspaper. Companies of newspaper have their own political opinions. My opinion is that it is natural that political prejudice affects an article. However, the influence of newspapers is great, and there is a risk of changing public opinion.





[Research task]

Abandoned Panopticon Prison in Cuba



The prison was designed by a philosopher named Jeremy Bentham. All inmates can be monitored from the central tower, but inmates cannot see the watcher. The tower can be accessed from outside the prison. In other words, the prisoner will have the illusion that he is being watched even if there is no watcher on the tower.

From this design, I felt the consistency between psychological basis and functional design. When doing research, I often see the work of non-designers such as philosophers. Many of these designs are based on theory rather than sensitivity. Such academic design has become a necessary skill for artists. In fashion, the number of brands that develop materials and collaborate with factories has increased in recent years. I also need to have knowledge about other academics besides design. I study color engineering at a university in Japan, and I can't neglect this.

26/09/2019 Graphic Design Workshop

[Language and Interaction] "Say It Loud"


• How did you handle the process of translating conversational text into letterpress?
In discussing political fears, I received the opinion that the power men ignore environmental issues and are committed to the pursuit of profits.
So I decided on the theme of continue ignoring.
The reason is that I have always been interested in environmental issues and have been the subject of research.

What are your considerations regarding the choice of text type, material, and placement?
For the material, I used the actual fallen leaves. The purpose was to make the work difficult to notice by using the actual size of fallen leaves rather than a signboard or a large print. Although environmental issues are well known, I wanted to express the current situation as if I wasn't seeing it as an effort.
As for the character set, we tried combining various fonts with small characters to make it look like a small deciduous voice.

・ How successful do you think text communication is? Does it work as intended?
When several places were exhibited in the studio, it seemed that other students took time to notice the existence. This is my aim. I think I was able to express a casual claim like a fallen leaf.
The reflection point is about typography. This time, there was not enough time, so I copied an existing font from Illustrator and used it. Now I want to challenge from the design of the character itself.





Week 3

Surface and Meaning

16/09/2019 illustration workshop

[Surface and Meaning] "lost letters"


・Were you able to adapt your idea and visual language to the screen print progress effectively?

Yes. My letter was '3'. I looks the letter like an organ:stomach or lung.

So my idea was digestive organs inside of human.


・How did the restrictions shape your final image?

The screen print has a slight misalignment, but there is a handmade taste.



・What're the biggest challenges you faced during the workshop and how did you over come them?

I was most worried about the color scheme. However the tutor told me that I can dye details part black. So I printed black around the organs.

The work was very detailed.


[Final work]



[The animation]

It's on Digital Outcomes page.

17/09/2019 Textile Workshop

[Surface and Meaning] "Your Possessions"


・Which of your peers work is interesting and why?

I was interested in the techniqe to use glue gun as a painting tool.
It's not for painting, but my peer use it and the texture was so interesting.

・What has been successful / unsuccesssful for you and why?

My success was using wire. The wire was not able to move completely as expected and could produce an unexpected shape.

What has failed is the color. Actually, when I used the projector, I wanted to capture the color, but the paint became thicker and only black was reflected.


・Which techniques will you take forward with into future project/disciplines explain? How you could treat this differently?

As I mentioned above, I felt that the wire could be used in the future. This time it was used in 2D, but I think it can be applied to 3D works.


[My works]






18/09/2019 Contextual Practice

[Surface and Meaning]


"my note"


zoff_sunglass_catalog_poster_0520_ol-01 23.31.59.jpg

(Zoff sunglass campaign advertisement)


[Research Task]

"one designer"

Diana Harrison

Line (2011), detail

(line (2011))

・ Why are you interested in this work?
I learned about her for the first time during a class presentation. I've always been interested in things that feel the flow of time, such as deterioration, so I was naturally attracted to her work.


・ Secondary perspective
She is doing research while creating works on textiles. Not only the production but also the knowledge and technology about textiles are reflected in the work, which leads to her originality.


・ Future career
I think research on materials will be important in the fashion design that I am interested in. It is necessary not only to create shapes but also to challenge sustainability and materials.


19/09/2019 Painting Workshop

[Surface and Meaning] "Revelation of Erasure"


・What were the important decisions you made today?

My important decision is how to erase.
I took the methods of painting from the top, pasting other materials, folding, and cutting.
After lunch, I tried putting a napkin on the photo to make it visible.


・How did these effect your work?

I think that the work covered with the napkin gave a good atmosphere. The original photo itself was taken with a film camera, so the ugly impression was amplified.


[My Works]



Week 2

Structure and Form

09/09/2019 Structure and Form Workshop

[Structure and Form] Your Interpretation

[drawing technics]

・continuous line

・other hand












[collage on the wall]


10/09/2019 Product Workshop

[Structure snd Form] Explore It

Rough [tomato]



model [tomato]



rough [lemon]



model [lemon]




rough [watermelon]



model [watermelon]




11/09/2019 Contextual Practice

[Structure and Form] Personality Quiz 

Reflection 11/09/2019

[first work]

Quote 1 "the ultimate form of the object is psychologically vital when the potential buyer is making up his mind." by Bruno Munari 1966

In my opinion, the shape of objects is important for buyers to make up their mind, but the added value is also important potentially.

For example, iPhone is that. The design of shape is very good. It's crystal clear. However, other smartphones don't looks bad. Why do most people buy Apple iPhone? It's because the added value, brands or stories.


[Second Work]

Individual writing

I write the keywords about sharp pencil. The looks, texture, material.

And I think about the relationship between the sharp pencil and human society.

[my note]



[Research task]

"one designer"

"Roni Horn"

She is an American visual artist. Horn has been intimately involved with the singular geography, geology, climate and culture of Iceland. The landscape and isolation of Iceland have strongly influenced her practice.

[Ant Farm] (1974)

This work shows us an active environment of lives ants is sandwiched between two sheets of glass held in a simple wood flame.

The materials are oak, glass, earth, and ants.




 ・Why this work interests me?

  The reason why I'm interested in this work is entrusting the shape to the ants. The ants don't know they are in an artwork, just living. So, the shape of the work keep changing.


・Secondary Perspective

  I guess the secondary perspective is to see what happens under the ground. Horn has the knowledge about geography and geology. We usually don't think about how ants live, but this work make us see the ants live.


・future career

  I feel the importance of research to make some artwork from Ants Farm. Now, I'm interested in fashion, but other studies is as important as fashion studies for create fashion.


”one writer"

"Bruno Munari"

Bruno Munari was an Italian designer.

Bruno Munari 1.jpg


I have read only this book written by him.

Fantasia is about Design Theory. All designs are classified in twelve theories.


・Why this work interests me?

Design or art looks very complicated and difficult to understand. However, I can consider about design with Bruno Munari's Theory after I read this book.


・Secondary Perspective

Now the theories are used in combination of two or more.


・future career

I can review and think about my design work objectively.

12/09/2019 Fine Art Workshop

Reflection 12/09/2019

[Fine Art Workshop]

My words and images were 'natural/unnatural' 'Horizontal/Vertical' 'Mushroom/Dinosaur'

Firstly, I researched my materials, and I got the block. The block had strong presence. 

I saw it and recalled the Japanese god shelf. In Japan, it is customary to pray and offer the wooden bill which we get at shrine on the shelves of the house.

God is the designer of nature. 

And I use aluminum foil. I could make inorganic or artificial.

Finally, I put chairs on both sides of the desk like a dinning table. I put a jacket on the back of the chair and made a trace of a human being.

Offering (apple/lemon) is food, human is eater. It's the relationship between mushrooms and dinosaurs.


[my work]

IMG_0541 2.jpg


Week 1

Ideas Factory

Ideas Factory

[Ideas Factory]

I learned about keyword-based brainstorming, group work, and various drawing techniques in this project.
My group's keywords were Water, Suspend, Sensualism.
Many of my ideas are based on my own experience.
I studied swimming when I was an elementary school student, and was inspired by the work of a Kanazawa museum in Japan where I was born. I came up with ideas from underwater sensations and the light seen through the water.

The future challenge is the language barrier. Sensual words such as Sensualism could not be accurately captured even when reading a dictionary. You need to search for images by that word, talk to friends, and understand keywords more deeply.

The images are my first ideas in the class on 03/09/2019.